Even when I ‘know’ what to expect when visiting the States, I am always overwhelmed and somewhat surprised. This trip, and especially New Orleans and Disneyworld, has been no exception.

Frankie’s brother, Josh, got married in Disneyworld on 7th April and we arrived on the 5th, returning home on the 8th. I was expecting a kind of exaggerated version of the UK’s Butlin’s holiday camps – not the socialist ethos of Billy Butlin’s original promise of a ‘week’s holiday for a week’s wage’, but what Butlin’s has become in the 21st century. Of course, if you put something the size of Disneyworld in the UK it would take up a large portion of the coast. Still, nice try Butlin’s!

In our stay, we did the tourist bit in two of the parks – The Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Both lived up to their promise of ‘magical’. With spectacular light and fireworks shows, parades, and of course, friendly staff. The warmth and sunshine (apart from a substantial downpour when we were in Epcot) were also very welcome. It was wonderful to go and sit by the pool and have morning coffee before the resort (we were in the All Star Music Resort) started getting busy.

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The wedding itself was at the ‘Yacht Club’, with a lunch at the Grand Floridian. It was a beautiful day in every way.



So that was the central part of my trip. Basically, I came over to accompany Frankie to her brother’s wedding. All the rest – including getting engaged to her – built up around the event.

I am into my last week here now. The next post will cover two visits to an amazing place more locally – Longwood Gardens. The have the most amazing flower gardens, lake, conservatory (where we went to a very enjoyable concert of choral music with a dinner before hand at the restaurant), Italian Water Gardens. It is breath-taking!

For my last weekend here, we are planning a trip to Washington DC.