UK male, born in the late 1950s, widowed twice – both partners were ultimately lost to cancer.

I have been a semi-professional musician, picked up some modest IT skills as well as being a full time carer to my first wife.

After the loss of two partners, I have become experienced in mental health issues – depression, anxiety, agoraphobia and bereavement – as well as experiencing the support network for these and other related issues. As a long-time sufferer, I have seen great changes in support for and attitudes to these issues.

I still have interests in music, the arts, and I am a passionate amateur photographer. I have a photo-blog at Tumblr, although it is only fairly recent, so doesn’t yet have that many posts on it. I call it ‘Beyond the Lens’ as it is hoped to encompass photo-artwork as well as plain standard photography. The link is:

I also have many photo albums on Facebook, which are mostly publicly accessible:

This blog is mostly, but not solely, about my experience and the experiences of others in mental health support and networking who I have encountered on my journey to here and now. Other topics will include photography, events, music and the arts, and sometimes useful software that I may pick up – mostly related to graphics, music etc.