I did the March On Cancer last night here in Liverpool. It was a great evening, and a great evening for the event to take place. Crisp and clear without being too cold. Hundreds of people took part – each with their own story. Of course their are many more stories – stories of those who lost to cancer and stories of those who survived and who live with the disease still.


It was fitting for me that the march started and finished opposite the Atlantic Tower Hotel – that is a very memorable part of my story – my reasons for doing the march:

Before I actually moved to Liverpool, Helen, my late partner who died of cancer in 2011, and I had a great night out in the city centre. At the end of it, she suggested we stay in town, and we ended up having a crazy, wonderful night at the Atlantic Tower. I have never forgotten that night, and the pledge we made to each other that one day we would go to Paris together. We did eventually get to Paris in 2010. It was to be our last shared vacation. Helen – and Jacquie (my wife – also lost to cancer in 1999) – were so much in my mind last night of course. Each, in their time and their own way, have brought out the best of me.


The march was not the end of the effort. People are fundraising for the week ahead of the Stand Up To Cancer broadcast on UK TV’s ‘Channel 4’ on the 17th October. The aim is to raise £15m for Cancer Research.

I am very proud to have played a tiny part in the initiative. The JustGiving page will be open to accept donations until 1 November. I hope that maybe some of you reading this will find it in your heart to have a look and maybe donate to this great cause.

Finally (almost), check out my photo album on Facebook – photos taken last night, before, during and after the march.

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