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Today is Palm Sunday – it is the week before the Easter weekend in this country which has a figurehead monarchy, which nevertheless heads the Church of England. Yet the guy in the article linked below is in danger of losing his job because of what he says is a discreet expression of his faith.

BBC News – Job loss fear after cross put in Wakefield company van

I hardly dare comment in case I offend someone’s sense of political correctness, but when did we as a society insist that the beliefs of the individuals that make up that society should be kept secretly hidden?

You could argue that we are now a multi-cultural society; but surely being multi-cultural doesn’t mean displaying no culture or no creed in case it offends someone with differing beliefs? That isn’t multi-culturalism, it’s factionalism.

This quote from within the article sums it up pretty well I think:

"When a man can’t display a palm cross in his van in a historically Christian country, it should give people serious pause for thought."

Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre

Criminal Masterminds!

"One man wore a green thong and the other wore blue. Each thong barely covered the man’s nose, mouth and chin and left the rest of his face exposed. One also wore a pink backpack in which he stuffed the stolen items."

You could be forgiven for thinking these guys actually wanted to get caught!

2 thong-facemask robbery suspects in custody – Yahoo! News


They say that for guys, duct tape has unlimited uses. I guess the guy in this story would agree.

`Duct Tape Bandit’ pleads guilty to robbing Ky. liquor store – Yahoo! News

If the shortfall in the cash register reflected the amount the thief got away with, it would barely cover the cost of mummifying his head in duct tape.



Man loses 17th-century violin on train – Yahoo! News

This guy must have been totally gutted to find he had left the violin on the train – especially as he was returning from London having had it valued – as the caption to the above photo says:

This undated photograph made available Monday April 14, 2008 by the family of British violinist Elizabeth Hunt shows Elizabeth Hunt playing a Matteo Goffriller violin made by a master Venetian craftsman in 1698. Hunt’s son Rob Napier lost the violin on a train home from London to Bedwyn, some 70 miles (115 km) west of London on Jan. 29. 2008 after retrieving the violin from an expert who had valued it at about 200,000 pounds (US$390,000; Euro 245,000). A reward of up to 10,000 pounds (about US$20,000 Euro12,000) is being offered for the instrument’s recovery.(AP Photo, Family HO)

Graffiti village name change plan



Residents living in the graffiti-plagued village of Lunt are asked to consider changing its name to stop vandalism.

I guess graffiti was inevitable with a village name like that. Gotta love Merseyside!