Today is Palm Sunday – it is the week before the Easter weekend in this country which has a figurehead monarchy, which nevertheless heads the Church of England. Yet the guy in the article linked below is in danger of losing his job because of what he says is a discreet expression of his faith.

BBC News – Job loss fear after cross put in Wakefield company van

I hardly dare comment in case I offend someone’s sense of political correctness, but when did we as a society insist that the beliefs of the individuals that make up that society should be kept secretly hidden?

You could argue that we are now a multi-cultural society; but surely being multi-cultural doesn’t mean displaying no culture or no creed in case it offends someone with differing beliefs? That isn’t multi-culturalism, it’s factionalism.

This quote from within the article sums it up pretty well I think:

"When a man can’t display a palm cross in his van in a historically Christian country, it should give people serious pause for thought."

Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre