To the guy on the Sainsbury’s checkout yesterday that decided to wax self-righteously lyrical to me about ‘bloody benefits scroungers getting more bloody money than we do’, further to my response at the time that you should speak to your employers about that. I would add that the government have done a real number on you (as with many others) about ‘benefits scroungers’ being to blame for the state of our nation (rather like the Nazi’s drew public opinion on the Jews almost a century ago).

To you, Sir, I would say it might be an idea if you check out the actual statistics and see exactly how much of the countries financial struggles are down to benefits cheats (which form a small proportion of claimants – most have a real need), and how much is down to corporate greed by companies like the one you work for and elitist government, banks that forgot somewhere along the line that THEY serve CUSTOMERS – not vice versa, etc etc

To you, Sir, I would also suggest that you are in need of job training – especially when it comes to dealing with the public and not haranguing them with your ill-informed views. A lot of the said ‘benefits scroungers’ would probably value your job, and deal much more easily with the range of people that constitute ‘the public’. And I’m sure when you found yourself out of a job because of your unpleasantness, they would not be so quick to accuse YOU of being a benefits scrounger.