St Luke's Mosaic Collage3

On June 1 I posted about the Friends of St Luke’s. There has been some good progress in the campaign. The council have agreed to pay for essential repairs and maintenance. They have agreed not to sell the church, but to keep ownership of it, and to have it managed by the most suitable group. There is to be consultation and the opportunity for interested parties to present their ideas for the management of the site. It is indeed great progress as it means it is not a one-horse race, as has been implied recently by – well, one of the horses – let’s leave it at that.

Here is the sad news for me. I have had to step down from the admin team for health reasons. I acknowledge that I have made great progress in recovery from 2 decades of mental health issues, but I think that I was not quite ready for this task yet. However…

I have met some great people in the process, learned a lot about a wide range of subjects. And even though I am not ‘full on’ in the campaign now, I fully support the ethos and ideas of the team. Although not a ‘scouser’, I like to think – I hope – that I have the same passion for the place as I would have if I was born and bred. To me the total lack of respect that has been displayed in recent months (if not years) for the status of the site as a war memorial and place of rest and tranquillity is appalling.

The Friends of St Luke’s is a solid, great team of people with a very strong basis for managing the place as it was originally intended when the council bought it from the Church in the 60s. If anybody reading this feels strongly about respecting the memory of war victims (doesn’t matter where you are), or is a local resident who values as many do, the original ethos of the purchase, please take a look at the Facebook Page and show your support, by giving the page a ‘like’.